Thoughts to Ponder

 Hold on to God, and he’ll never let us go. 

Contributed photo


    If we did mistakes at our past life, God is always there with us. He forgives those sinners, because he loves us so much. Once that we’re down, God is trying to reach out that he’s always with you. Every one of us is a sinner, but because of His love for us he forgives us. He hopes that we should have learned from our mistakes from the past and use our mistake as an instrument of we can do things with the help of our Lord. 
Contributed photo


      As connection of the first photo, we should forget all of the mistakes that we did somehow, this mistakes will lead is into new life. Mistakes from yesterday teach us on how to move on and to be stronger than ever. With the help of God, we’re all one in pursuing each other’s dream. 


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