The Art of Moving On

I’m a keen observer, and my cousins knows that. My brothers were so over-protective on me, because I’m their baby sister at our family. They think I’m childish, but I’m selfish. Until I met you, my world started to believe that falling in love was easy. I was singing Toni’s song, you started to confess your love and I don’t know where it came from, I heard gossips that you cheated on me, I never believed that, baby.
       You told me you’re going back to the city that never sleeps, and you don’t even know how much I’ve cried after I heard that news coming from you. Elijah was there at the back seat, I’m crying like an idiot but you told me that everything’s gonna be fine. After that I kissed you, showing my love. And with that I will endure the pain, but you said we’ll communicate. 
        Pierre is the most intimidating person I met at my whole life, his ideas are primitive. Oh, baby I wanted you so back but I think I’m falling apart. God, please help me on what I am feeling. He told me that he loves me, I love him… but I think I need to do The Art Of Moving On. 

         Old love, I’m sorry for what I did. Our past will never be back, but when the time that you’re gone I know that somethin’ will happen so wrong. I never used him as The Art Of Moving On but my love for you fades, and it blooms as Pierre come on my way.


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