Love, Summer

12674402_1041495735873859_1670912212_nI don’t usually celebrate my summer in beach, I’m contented with reading books, watching movies, surfing the internet. My family decided that we’d spend our vacation at Davao Oriental where my mom grew up. Well I don’t even have other option but to say yes.

When we’re at NAIA, my sister approached me that I should have some fashion sense like wearing dress but I don’t do that nor wear Midriff top and a super short shorts. I’m fine with a simple tee and sneakers. I’m not into romance movies but I’d love to watch mystery-thriller genre, when it comes to books I’m more on science fiction and I’m a fan Nancy Drew. Every-time I read her stories, I feel like I was her. Oh, too much with that!

After 1 hour and 45 minutes, we’re at the city were party people lives but they know how to control themselves when it comes to that. My mom even told me that Davao people are disciplined, they frightens the law and they respect their leader. It’s a good thing that you know you’re safe at the place you’ve never been. At the arrival area, I saw my cousins on my mother side they greeted us and having a little chitchat with them, we ate at the nearest restaurant. Officially, I’m a tourist.

My sister and my mom kept on updating their Facebook status that having the same word #roadtrip, err. I was kinda not feeling good as they uses a hashtag, especially for my mom. When my cousins started to open the topic, I saw different and new places. Our roadtrip is like in Baguio wherein it has zigzag road, so you totally need to be careful. What inspires me a lot is that in this place, people welcomes you very warm. They’re totally sweet and energetic as their tourists, take a picture on the big signage as it says “Davao Oriental”.

Mati City. This is the perfect place where you can scream, where you can get your skin in the color of tan. Everything is perfect! After 3 hours of driving from the airport and now we’re here at the place where my jaw totally dropped. I was in different kind feeling that, “Why do I hate my past Summer at the beach?” But now I won’t.

Dear Summer,

Thank you for waking me up in reality that I need to enjoy the moments, these should be treasured. I’m sorry if I got contented just reading manga, but I admit I love Summer season now…. This is my summer 2015, waiting for you next year heart emoticon




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