Hundred days with you 

Story by Roma Dimaandal. A hundred days with you is available at bookstores nationwide. Or you can have it on your phone and tablets


I wanted you to come back so bad,
Those idiots plan a 100 day deal

I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling but for you, I will

I’m sure that the come back will be soon for real

I was listening just listening at your band practice

But I suddenly over-heard your deal, did you really mean this?

“Operation Barbie” starts tomorrow

I will take down the sorrow

I’ve been with you for almost 15 days

I need to wait ‘til you come back to me

Oh dear Lord, I pray

I’m feeling something that I need to set things right

I knew this day would come

I need to let you go and let the shooting star pass on

You said you loved me, and willing to have more on hundred days with me

Baby, our past memories I’ll never forget them, set things right and we’re both free. 


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