My old valentine

Valetine’s day is approaching. Are you broken-hearted or single? What are those crazy things that you’ve did just for celebrating Valentine’s day? Here’s a short story that I’ve done just for you.


It’s like yesterday since we became close; watched movies together with our friends, we did our assignments together, and we listened to our favorite songs using my phone. But now we can’t do it together, because you belong now to someone else, someone who really loves and cares for you the way I do.

       I still remember the day when we first met, the way you look at me it’s too gauche, and it’s my first time to have an unusual feeling for a girl. I don’t know if it’s love. Then I guess if it’s not love, I admire you, at least.

       Days passed, I told you that you look stunning in our class, but you replied to me that you are not. I also commit to my memory that we both share our things, every time that there’s an art activity; you have art materials, but you don’t have bond paper, you’ll always let me to scrounge on your art materials, because you told me that “You are my friend.”

       One day, everyone was full of activity, saying that there’s an event on Friday. I keep on thinking what the big deal was, and why all of my friends are active. I almost forgot its Valentine’s Day!

       I consulted my elder sister for help, she knows that I like you. She said to me that, I need to surprise you; something simple, yet meaninful. So I’ve decided to surprise you planning to give you an anklet, but it’s bizarre. I keep on thinking what I can give you, for the reason that Valentine’s should be an unforgettable day for every girl.

         When the day arrived, my friend told me that he will serenade his girlfriend. Knowing that his partner is your best friend aside from me, he asked my help to play his guitar. I said yes, I told him that I liked you a lot: and that he had a plan for the four of us. I agreed to his plan. It’s dismissal time, the plan had begun; you and your best friend were fixing your things to go home. All you know is that we’ll help your best friend and her boyfriend, but it’s not yet over. You went to the rooftop with your best friend, and you had some little chitchat with her. You didn’t notice that I had started to strum my guitar, and my friend started to sing. Your best friend is totally dazed. She didn’t know that her boyfriend had a surprise for her. And just when you thought it was over, I gave you balloons and flowers. You thanked me because it’s the first time you experienced to be surprised. After I gave you the balloons and flowers, I accidentally whispered the words ‘I love you’. I covered my mouth, them you chuckled, replying ‘I love you, too’. I can almost hear my heart skip a best. After that day, we always get communicated. 

        But now, you never leave your house or your room. I asked your mom if you are grounded; she said you are not, that you said you were not feeling well. A month after that, our friends decided to go out of town for a vacation, I insisted them to go at your house so that you can prepare. I can almost see the roof of your house, the windows as well as your gate. I parked my bicycle properly so I can go inside, but then I heard your voice you were at your garden. I ran quickly to go to your garden. And then, I saw you with a boy, both of you watering the plants and you seemed happy. I was upset, and you saw me. You talked to me after you were done and you said that you’re enjoying his company; you thanked me for the effort that I made for you the throughout the past years; that you always appreciate my non-sense jokes and gifts. You were asking for a friendship and there’s no other option.

Hey… I’m trying to have some good time, but since you saw what happened, yes, we’re official. He is mine and I am his. You know how much I love him, but I love you as you protected me every time I need protection but then I think there’s someone who’s willing to do it more than you do.
I’m sorry if let you assume that I love you… You’re like my brother. Can we be friends? Like the old times…. 

 You said you always keep on praying for me to have my one true pair. 

         I think that life is totally unfair. “Acceptance” is the word that I need to learn for. I knew it, you’ll never love me back. Who am I to dictate someone’s feeling? Oh well, at least I gave you happiness. And that’s enough. I will be always your best friend. Thank you for everything, ***. I will never lose our friendship. Instead I will treasure it, forever.


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