A man like you
Slippin’ in jewelries and gold
Tryin’ to keep everything in fold
We don’t like each others company
But we have common interest and that’s the sea

You’ve dated many girls, what a manwhore
I couldn’t believe that your type was they’re lookin’ for
Until you was named ‘The boy next door
The night you stepped in my room,
Confessing your love and I became hard as stone

Oh dear, you don’t even have fears
But now all I see is the pain between those tears
You told me that you’ll wait me but not ten years
How long will you wait for me
Coz I’ll also do it, baby

I enjoy every minute that I’m with you
But we need to face the truth
I’m deeply sorry for the pain you’ve been through
This game wasn’t good for two
Our secret got reveal and it’s because of you

The order in Phoenix was surreal 
We knew that this day will come
You’re moving to New York were your future shines bright

I made you gone, but this is for us

Past will teach us how to move on, and in this game I loss.


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