An open letter for those who were stuck in the past

Dear You,

Are you still remembering those freaky moments happened in your past? How come that you still think of it, knowing that you’re just hurting yourself deep inside. Have you forgotten the things who you’re before… Well, I’ll share those things I’ve done in the past.

Before the day-must-not-be-remembered happened, you were happy singing Itchyworms’ hit song and then you’re dancing in the rain. You look so lovely wearing that red dress that I gave you during your 19th birthday. I miss those days that you’re preparing weirdo nachos for the gang and giving them stupid names, eating four times of rice everyday, making me your personal slave every time you went out for mall, being scared as we watched Poltergeist. You know that you’re such a pain the ass but you still I liked you the way you are.

How could I be so stupid, seeing you right now wearing that f*cking engagement ring, and I’m here… Cooperating with your future husband saying things that you loved to do. I will never forget you.

After your engagement party, a collision happened your car was vanished by the truck who’ll deliver goods. I was ready to let you go but hell I can’t. I JUST CAN’T BELIEVE THAT YOU’RE GONE. I couldn’t speak, I was a deaf for almost 10 months. And then you appeared in my dream. I was begging you to come back but you told me one thing…

Everything is going to be fine. I’m keeping those memories that we have.

And then you disappeared. I know you so well and I admire you for all the good things you taught me. I’ve learned that I shouldn’t be stuck forever in the past. You’ll be always part of my history.



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