Thoughts to Ponder

 Hold on to God, and he’ll never let us go.    Contributed photo Reflection:     If we did mistakes at our past life, God is always there with us. He forgives those sinners, because he loves us so much. Once that we’re down, God is trying to reach out that he’s always with you. Every one of us is a sinner, but because of His love for us he forgives us. He hopes that we should have learned from our mistakes from the past and use our mistake as an instrument of we can do things with the help … Continue reading Thoughts to Ponder

10 Things You Need to Know About Past

Past is the story between you and me Past teaches us lesson Past involves the word history Past is everything you did that can’t be brought back by someone Past has to do something with what you are now Past deals with the music you’ve listened before and until now, you know it Past is what you did from yesterday Past life cannot be easily forgotten Past reminds us from all of the sorrowful moments we’ve been through But most of all, Past is past. You have nothing to do with that regret it or not, still it’s past. Continue reading 10 Things You Need to Know About Past

Love, Summer

I don’t usually celebrate my summer in beach, I’m contented with reading books, watching movies, surfing the internet. My family decided that we’d spend our vacation at Davao Oriental where my mom grew up. Well I don’t even have other option but to say yes. When we’re at NAIA, my sister approached me that I should have some fashion sense like wearing dress but I don’t do that nor wear Midriff top and a super short shorts. I’m fine with a simple tee and sneakers. I’m not into romance movies but I’d love to watch mystery-thriller genre, when it comes … Continue reading Love, Summer